Dr Kate Lines

BSC(Hons) PhD

Emerging Leader Research Fellow

Department of Biological and Medical Sciences


Kate is an Emerging Leaders Research Fellow running her own research group examining the role of epigenetic gene regulation in cancer. Prior to this Kate did an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the University of Liverpool, a PhD in Molecular Oncology at the Barts Cancer Institute, and gained >10 years postdoctoral research experience in endocrine cancer at the University of Oxford.

In addition to her research Kate is an Associate Editor for the journal Endocrine Oncology and on the Editorial board of Endocrinology Insights. Kate also has an active role in public engagement being the UK research Ambassador for the NET Cancer Foundation.   


Kate’s research is focused on understanding how regulation of gene expression via epigenetic mechanisms can lead to cancer, and using this information to develop new treatments. She has a particular interest in endocrine cancers, and more specifically neuroendocrine tumours (NETs). The 3 most commonly mutated genes in these tumours, MEN1, ATRX and DAXX all have roles in epigenetic mechanisms. Kate’s research therefore examines how these genes influence DNA methylation,  histone organisation in chromosomes, and microRNA expression.

Kate also has an interest in improving scientific models for NET research and has therefore set up, and is leading the NET Models Consortium.