Dr Konstantinos Spanos


Lecturer in Finance/Financial Economics

Oxford Brookes Business School


Teaching duties in a variety of subjects of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, Accounting, Finance and Economics. Research active in Forecasting Macroeconomic indicators, and investigating the economic performance in regular and crisis periods. 

Teaching and supervision

Modules taught

  • Accounting and financial information - Module Leader
  • Corporate Finance - Seminar leader
  • Raise Individual Financial Awareness- Seminar leader
  • Applied Financial Skills - Seminar Leader

Other than the above-mentioned, manage teaching duties in a variety of other subjects  including Macroeconomics, Introduction in Econometrics and Applied Econometrics in an undergraduate level, while in a postgraduate programme, Financial Markets and Institutions.Supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students.Academic advisor of undergraduate students as well. 


  • Adesiyan Oluwasegunfunmi - The effects of capital structure on profitability index


My research has been mainly in the area of applied econometrics with emphasis on applications concerning financial development, economic growth and fiscal policy in normal and crisis periods. I have extended the literature in considering the impact of too much finance in normal and stress times. Also, I have obtained new insights from threshold approaches using panel data econometric applications in economic and finance issues. My research area also includes Bayesian econometrics approach in forecasting methods for public debt - government size as well as monetary policy (future research agenda). I believe that the Bayesian prediction approach has further applications regarding financing healthcare expenditures-health services and predictions in health science as well. 

Research impact

Resurgent concerns are faced due to excessive increases in sovereign financing costs after prolonged high government spending may not only limit the fiscal space available to shelter the economy from future shocks. The impact of research in forecasting public debt and government size, provides new insights for the economic performance, increasing the efficiency of public services for vulnerable and low-income households throughout more targeted supporting measures aiming to cushion the most affected in crisis periods.


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Professional information

Memberships of professional bodies

  • Greek Scientists Society 
  • Institute of Strategic Studies of Greece