Dr Magdalena Svensson

MSc Primate Conservation Lecturer and Laboratory Technician

School of Law and Social Sciences

Magdalena Svensson


I have been the Lab Technician for the Primate Conservation MSc since 2010. I am an active research member of the Nocturnal Primate Research Group and the Oxford Wildlife Trade Research Group, both based here at Oxford Brookes University. My research mainly focuses on the nocturnal primates of Africa and the Neotropics. I am also interested in wildlife trade research, including monitoring the illegal trade in ivory and pangolins but also in primates.

Teaching and supervision


Research Students

Name Thesis title Completed
Thais Morcatty A multilateral approach to tackling wildlife trade in South America: people, ecology and conservation Supervisors Active
Bethany Watkins Beneath the moon and under the sun: what the navigational strategies of Eulemur collaris can tell us about the evolution of higher cognition Active
Dr Daniel Bergin Wildlife Trade in Morocco: Conservation, Laws and Welfare 2019


Research interests

  • Conservation
  • Primate ecology
  • Nocturnal primates
  • Wildlife trade

Research group membership

  • Nocturnal Primate Research Group
  • Oxford Wildlife Trade Research Group



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Professional information

Memberships of professional bodies

  • Primate Society of Great Britain
  • International Primatological Society
  • European Federation of Primatology
  • IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group


  • Online trade in nocturnal primates

Further details


  • PhD Primate Conservation, Oxford Brookes University
  • MSc Primate Conservation, Oxford Brookes University
  • BSc Animal Science, Nottingham Trent University
  • FdSc Wildlife Conservation, Nottingham Trent University