Dr Maryam Mani

Research Fellow in Healthy Living and Working Environments

School of the Built Environment


I am a Research Fellow in Healthy Living and Working Environment. The prime area of my interest is environmental psychology, restorative environment, and human-environment interaction. I am currently working on the impact of the natural environment on the health and wellbeing of aging people. I have expertise in using interdisciplinary mixed methods including ethnographic interview, behavioural mapping and observation, subject-produced drawing, and photo-elicitation.

I completed my doctoral degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield in March 2020. My thesis titled: “Children’s Relationships with their Outdoor Living Space: an example of Orphanage Children in Kerman, Iran” explored children’s interaction with the orphanage outdoor space and its restorative potential from the viewpoint of orphans, as well as their satisfaction and preferred design features.

Prior to my PhD, I worked as a teaching and research assistant at the School of Housing, Building and Planning, University of Science in Malaysia, and subsequently took up the post of lecturer in the school of Architecture and Environment at Payam-E-Noor University in Iran. 


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