Dr Mohammad Noman Hossain Chowdhury


Senior Lecturer, Analytics and Information Systems

Oxford Brookes Business School

Mohammad Noman Hossain Chowdhury


Teaching, module development, research in the domain of Analytics, Information Systems and Operations

Teaching and supervision


Modules taught

  • Business Analytics;
  • Business Analytics for Decision Makers


Dr. Mohammad Noman H Chowdhury is passionate about using analytics to help businesses make better decisions. His research spans various areas, showing his keen interest in understanding and applying data in practical ways. Currently he is involved in studying insect trends using climate data and exploring the importance of data literacy skills for professionals.

Research impact

Dr. Mohammad Noman H Chowdhury's research has consistently bridged the gap between theory and real-world applications, providing valuable insights across diverse domains. His pioneering work in the realm of cybersecurity behavior, especially the intricate relationship between time pressure and organizational cybersecurity practices, has been instrumental in shaping organizational strategies. Published in esteemed journals such as "Information & Computer Security" and "Computers & Security," this body of work offers actionable recommendations for enhancing cybersecurity postures. Venturing into the realm of environmental science, Dr. Chowdhury is currently spearheading projects that delve into the trend analysis of various insect types. His innovative approach seeks to predict insect counts based on climate data, a study that holds profound implications for agriculture, biodiversity, and climate change mitigation. Furthermore, recognizing the paramount importance of data in today's digital age, he is also pursuing a project aimed at understanding the need, level, and taxonomy of data literacy for professionals across various sectors. This endeavor promises to set new benchmarks in how professionals navigate the data-driven landscape of their respective domains. Through his multifaceted research endeavors, Dr. Chowdhury continues to make a significant impact, driving forward both academic discourse and practical applications.


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Professional information

Memberships of professional bodies

  • Affiliate Member, MIT Alumni Association, USA. (ID: 2020015292) 
  • Member, Digital Analytics Association. www.digitalanalyticsassociation.org.
  • Member, IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) since 2013


  • Chowdhury, N. H., Adam, M. T. P., & Skinner, G. (2018). The impact of time pressure on human cybersecurity behavior: An integrative framework. In IEEE 26th International Conference on Systems Engineering (ICSEng) (pp. 1–10). Sydney, Australia. [Scopus indexed]
  • Tahsin, T., Chowdhury, N. H. (2017), Web usability: a study on websites of private universities of Bangladesh, ICBM 2017 - 1st Int. Conference on Bus. & Mgt. (pp. 143-149). Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Rahman, M. M., Chowdhury, N. H. (2017), Impact of Retail Store Location on Consumption Behaviour: A Literature Review, ICBM 2017 - 1st International Conference on Business & Management


  • Member of Expert Pools, Association of Business Professionals (ABP), Bangladesh, 2023
  • Consultant Analyst, Millennium Information Solution Limited (MISL), Dhaka, 2011