Dr Richard Holt

DPhil, MTh

Research Fellow/Senior Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Department of Biological and Medical Sciences

Richard Holt


I am a member of Professor Nicola Ragge's research group investigating the genetic basis of the human developmental eye disorders anophthalmia (missing eye), microphthalmia (small eye) and coloboma (gap in the structures of the eye) (AMC).

Teaching and supervision

Modules taught

I give ethics lectures for the modules:

  • Evidence Based Medicine and Diagnostics (U14675)
  • Genomic Medicine (U14573)


We use a combination of whole exome and whole genome sequencing, combined with a variety of functional genetic techniques to identify gene variants underlying human developmental eye disorders in a cohort of over 400 patients diagnosed with AMC and their families. In addition, we are interested in the role of larger gains and losses of segments of DNA (copy number variants) in these disorders.



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Further details

In addition to my genetics research, I have studied Christian theology at Regent's Park College (undergraduate diploma, Biblical and Theological Studies), and the University of Winchester (MTh Religion, Ethics and Society).

I am currently studying part-time for a PhD applying the theologies of Martin Luther and Vladimir Solovyov to relationship between natural scientists the Christian theologians to form a basis for the development of a Christian theological ethics to challenges within medical genetics.