Dr Sebastian Herbert Fuchs

PhD, MSc, MA

Research Fellow

Oxford Brookes Business School

Sebastian Herbert Fuchs


My role as research fellow has two fundmental pillars: first the professional services sector within the research office of OBBS and second my contribution to the Oxford Regions, Innovation and Enterprise Lab (ORIEL). 


My primary reseach is concerned with the impact of AI on professional service firms and their digital transformation trajectories. Apart from that, I do work on hybrid organizations, multinational enterprises (MNEs), organization design, and innovation management. 

Research impact

The impact resulting form my research is to provide guardrails for audit and professional services firms stakeholders at the advent of AI, to enable multinational hybrid organization to master their inherent organizing challenges that reside at their strategic core, and to allow managers of MNEs to understand their organizational evolution relative to the integration of non-financial goals into said strategic core.


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Professional information

Memberships of professional bodies

  • Strategic Management Society (SMS),
  • Academy of International Business (AIB),
  • Responsible Research in Business & Management (RRBM – [endorser])


  • Fuchs, S. H. (2021). Multinational Hybrid Organizing: A Conceptual Framework, Virtual Toronto. “Imagination and Inspiration: Creating Strategy Breakthroughs in a Discordant World” - Strategic Management Society 41st Annual Conference, Canada/virtual, September 18.-21.
  • Fuchs, S.H. (2021). Multinationality and hybridity in organizational archetypes: Establishing a conceptual foundation, Conference stream: #6 Hybrid models & organizing implications for social entrepreneurship research and beyond, 13th International Social Innovation Research Conference (ISIRC), hosted by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milan, Italy/virtual, September 8.-10.
  • Fuchs, S.H. (2021). Multinational Hybrid Organizing and Grand Challenges, Conference stream: #6 Hy-brid Models & organizing implications for social entrepreneurship research and beyond, 13th International Social Innovation Research Conference (ISIRC), hosted by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milan, Italy/virtual, September 8.-10.
  • Fuchs, S. H. (2021). Blending multinationality and hybridity in organizational forms for social value creation in IB. Hybrid IOM PhD Day. IOM. UNIGE, Online/Geneva, Switzerland, June 18.
  • Ambos, T.C., Fuchs, S., Zimmermann, A. (2019). Managing Tensions in a Multinational Hybrid Organization: A New Perspective on Headquarters-Subsidiary Relationships, “Out of the Spotlight Strategies” - Strategic Management Society 39th Annual Conference 2019 Minneapolis, United States, October 19-22.
  • Fuchs, S.H. (2018). Introducing the Multinational Hybrid Organization. PhD Workshop Current Topics in Management and Business Ethics: Social Entrepreneurship-Research from an Organizational and Institu-tional Perspective, UZH, Zurich, Switzerland, September 17-20.
  • Fuchs, S.H. (2017). Perceptions of Creating Shared Value (CSV) – Sensemaking in its implementation across Latin America, “Ensuring a Sustainable Future: Technological, Organizational and Institutional Change” - 10th ETH Academy on Sustainability and Technology 2017, Zurich, Switzerland, May 29-June 3.
  • Fuchs, S.H. (2017). Headquarters-subsidiary Tensions Management in The Multinational Hybrid Organization. 2nd IoM PhD Conference. IoM. UNIGE, Geneva, Switzerland, May 18.
  • Fuchs, S.H. (2017): Doing well by doing good? Tensions in Shared Value Consulting, “Corporate Shared Value, MNCs and Corporate Reputation in Latin America” - AIB-LAT 7th Annual conference, Lima, Peru, March 8-19. [accepted – did not participate]
  • Fuchs, S.H. (2016): Multilevel Tensions in Hybrid Organizations: The Case of a Shared Value Consultan-cy in Latin America, Doctoral Workshop - 5th EIBA Doctoral Symposium. “Liabilities of Foreignness versus the Value of Diversity” - 42nd Annual Conference. European International Business Academy, Vienna, Austria, December 2-4.
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  • Fuchs, S.H. (2016). Managing Knowledge for Shared Value: Exploring Knowledge Management Imple-mentation Challenges in a multinational Latin American SME Consultancy, 1st IoM PhD Conference. IoM. UNIGE, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2.
  • Professional Development Workshop of the Journal of Management Studies (JMS), Zurich, Switzerland, 2016, March 9.
  • Research Talk and Workshop on Organizational Paradox at the Institute of Management, GSEM, UNI-GE, Geneva, Switzerland, 2016, April 15.


In the past, I consulted companies in a variety of different sectors and industries, including automative, travel, e-commerce, home appliances, consulting, audit and jewelry companies. Challenges that I tackled were quite diverse such as internationalization efforts, business model design, global strategic integration, venture organizational design, evaluating the customer experience, and radical innovation management.