Dr Shahrad Nasrolahi-Fard

Research Fellow and Associate Lecturer in International Law

School of Law and Social Sciences

Shahrad Nasrolahi-Fard


Dr Shahrad Nasrolahi-Fard, Research Fellow in International Law. Shahrad joined the law School in 2016 as an associate lecturer in Human Rights Law and Public International Law.

His current multidisciplinary research explores the relationship between equity and reciprocity in different areas and stages of International Law. The research examines International Law in multiple dimensions, including its nature, sources, processes and practices, as well as exploring the interplay between law and politics through the rule of law in the context of the international legal system.

Shahrad obtained his LLM and PhD in International Law from Westminster University in London and Aberystwyth University, Wales. He is the author of Reciprocity in International Law, Routledge (2016).

Shahrad has previously worked in Westminster University. He is a legal practitioner and prior to his academic career, he practiced law in Iran. Shahrad’s teaching and research interests lie in International Law and its construction as well as International and Regional Human Rights Laws and mechanisms.