Dr Teresa M D Finlay

RN, BSc(Hons), MSc, PGDipHPEd, PhD

Senior Lecturer, Nursing Prof Doc

Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery

Teresa M D Finlay


I am a registered nurse with experience in cancer, gastroenterology and critical care. I have an MSc in Nursing Research from King’s College, London during which I researched the impact of expanded nursing practice roles. My interest in specialist and advanced practice led me to curriculum development and teaching of Advanced Practice postgraduate courses for Nurses and other Allied Health Professions until 2011. I then moved into researching the sociological aspects of medical science and technologies. I am currently teaching on the Professional Nursing Doctorate in the Department of Nursing while I also research understandings about public and patient involvement and engagement (PPIE) in medical research at the University of Oxford.

Teaching and supervision

Modules taught

  • DN7003: Exploring the Landscape of Nursing Research (Module leader) 
  • DN8001: Research Proposal and Ethical Approval (Module team)


I supervise DN and PhD students' qualitative research projects in topics related to nursing, healthcare and medical sociology.


My early research experiences included:

  • nurses’ expanded practice roles and their impact on on patients, the nurses undertaking them and their non-nursing colleagues
  • patients’ experiences of head and neck cancer
  • women’s perceptions of altered sexual function following pelvic surgery for IBD.

More recently my doctoral study at Cesagene in Cardiff examined public and clinical geneticists’ constructions of commercial genomics and their impact on NHS genetics services. Since then I have been involved in projects to involve and engage the public in thinking about issues related to donating to biobanks for medical research and now I am researching how researchers and their participants construct patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE) in medical research.

Research grants and awards

  • ESRC grant to study Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing and its implications for NHS services.

Research projects

I am currently working on the jointly funded IMI-PARADIGM prject. PARADIGM's mission is to provide a unique framework that enables structured, effective, meaningful, ethical, innovative, and sustainable patient engagement (PE) and demonstrates the ‘return on the engagement’ for all stakeholders involved in medicines research and development.

The objective is to develop much needed processes and tools for three key decision-making points: research priority setting, design of clinical trials and early dialogue. Building on advances at international level, PARADIGM will integrate the needs, perspectives and expectations of all actors (including vulnerable populations) involved and will also produce a set of metrics to measure the impact of patient engagement. The development of a Framework to evaluate patient engagement (including metrics that measure its impact) is being jointly undertaken by the Athena team and the Vrije Universiteti in Amsterdam and my research team in Oxford.

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Professional information

Memberships of professional bodies

  • Registered with the NMC.

Further details

Areas of expertise

  • Nursing roles
  • expanded practice
  • critical care
  • oncology nursing
  • gastrointestinal nursing.

Other experience

IRIHS, University of Oxford.

Further information

Member of the Medical Sociology sub-group of the British Sociology Association.