Anna Neale

Further details

I started working professionally in the music industry during my first year at Brookes, but it wasn't until my third year that I really found my feet and discovered that songwriting was something I'd like to pursue.

Fifteen years later I'm proud to say I'm still going and making a living from songwriting, composing, session work, voice over work and lecturing. I've toured the world, worked with musicians as diverse as the English National Opera, Procol Harum and countless world musicians, released three albums and two EP's independently, won awards and written for other artists, which I continue to do.

I can’t say I would have discovered this journey without the enthusiasm of my lecturers, especially Dai. His passion and love of songwriting encouraged me to push myself and follow my dream. I like to think I've completed the circle by encouraging others to pursue their dream in my role as a lecturer in songwriting at the University of Kent & Hertfordshire.