Hayley Ashby

Further details

Before I came to Brookes, I studied BSc Psychology at Oxford Brookes and MSc Psychology at University of Leicester. I was really keen to change careers to get into software development, but I didn’t have any technical qualifications or experience. Brookes was one of only a handful of Unis to do the conversion Computing course I needed. As I had previously studied here, I knew what Brookes was like. The modules looked appealing and it was also practically located for me.

There was a great range of modules covering industry beneficial knowledge. Lots of practical emphasis - a must for Computer Science! Be prepared to study a lot around the lectures to get the most out of the course. The MSc Computing is hard if you don’t have a tech background, but it is really rewarding if you put the effort in.

I was able to secure a Graduate Software Engineer position towards the end of the course and have now started working for my new employer. I have used what I learned and even met a fellow Brookes alumnus here too. Changing my career with the MSc Computing was the best decision I ever made.