Jessica Wragg

Further details

The course has a varied selection of modules, allowing you to choose the avenue you personally wish to go down; whether that is geography, chemistry or biology based.

The teachers are very helpful and full of enthusiasm for the topics they teach. There are fully equipped labs and plenty of library resources on whatever topic you want to research. Environmental Science is a fairly small group but you get the chance to work with students across other degrees regularly, like Animal Biology and Conservation, Biology, and Geography.

I have been on two field trips (one in June of my first year and one in June of my second year) to France and Devon and they were excellent. They are hard work but the practical element really helps with the learning process. Plus, they give you the chance to bond with your peers and teachers. With this degree, you get the choice of exploring either the geography field or the biological field, which is nice.

I haven’t yet decided what I will do once I have completed the course, but I like the idea of studying for a PhD at some point.