Katherine Cox

Further details

Oxford has a vibrant multi-cultural student community and there is so much going on in both Brookes and in the city besides the numerous musical opportunities. The choice of modules really allowed me to mould the course to my own particular interests and needs. I felt able to express myself as an individual and to tackle the course in the way that suited me, with the support and guidance of the staff. I enjoyed playing in the orchestra and singing in chamber choir. I also got heavily involved with the various choral and solo opportunities in Oxford itself.

I would definitely recommend the course particularly for students who are creative and individual thinkers, but need guidance to steer them in the right direction to get the most out of their musical abilities.

I am now Sponsorship Manager at the Royal Opera House. This involves gaining sponsorship from all sorts of different companies, from luxury brands like Rolex and Tiffany’s through to large city financial companies. It’s continually varied and challenging, giving me great scope for creative and innovative thinking. I felt continually supported and encouraged by the Brookes music staff who gave their time willingly, helping me tackle the projects that I found challenging or overwhelming, and nurturing me as an individual.