Abbie Clarke

Geography, 2019

“There’s a great atmosphere at Oxford Brookes. Everyone is incredibly friendly, and the campus is exactly the type of place I want to study in”

The lecturers give you so much help and confidence. I’d definitely advise new students to pop in and say hello to them. They’re a great source of information.

‘I’ve gained the skills for my ideal job’

I’ve developed skills on my course that are really helpful for my career goals. I’m passionate about physical geography, and I want to go into aquatic science and climate change. One of my modules – Oceans and the Marine Environment – has inspired me to do a master’s degree in this.

I also love data and data handling, so I’d like to combine that with my science. Oxford Brookes has definitely helped me develop the core skills I need for my future.

‘Student life in Oxford is great’

I love the environment in Oxford. It’s very student-based, and there’s loads of fun bars and clubs to go to with your friends. Everything is close together and accessible, and it’s a nice, friendly environment to be in. When I look out over the spires of Oxford, it’s amazing. Really beautiful.