Abigal Muchecheti

Thesis title: Leadership aspirations of black and ethnic minority women in non-academic roles across UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

Abigal Muchecheti

Research topic

Gender has always been used as a common denominator in which women can find some common ground in order to counter their inequalities in leadership. This research however, aims to explore and highlight the challenges that women who identify as BME face in their quest to progress and attain leadership roles in higher education institutions (HEIs). I will discuss the encounters for example, stereotyping and prejudice that these women face and specifically address the dimensions of gender, race, class and their impact on leadership. Crenshaw (1989)’s concept of intersectionality will be used to understand the way in which gender, race and class mediates and shapes the experiences of these women in the workplace. The road to leadership demands an understanding of how multiple identities positions women differently in HEIs. The research seeks to redress the reliance on one identity and argue that women have multiple identities and will be affected differently  by these multiple identities, hence the use of intersectionality.

Academic school / department

Oxford Brookes Business School