Adam Zulqarnain Mohd Said

Brickfields LLB Law and MA International Relations, 2020

“The lecturers on my law course were really helpful. They went beyond what was expected, and they made my time here even more interesting”

I love the style of learning at Oxford Brookes. It’s a much more independent learning style than I was used to at home.

At the same time, the lecturers are really helpful. They give you good advice. At one point, I wanted to drop a module, because I was pessimistic about succeeding. My adviser convinced me that I could handle it, so I stuck with it, and in the end I did well.

‘Great work experience’

Two years ago, I started volunteering in the local MP Anneliese Dodds’ office, and now I work there one day a week. I enjoy it, and it adds to my experience. If I hadn’t studied at Brookes, I wouldn’t have been able to do this, and get to know some brilliant colleagues as well.

To new students coming from overseas, I’d say: it can be a culture shock to start with, but the student societies are a great way to make friends. But don’t put yourself in a cultural silo! Get to know lots of people from different countries - that’s the point of studying abroad.