Aisha Abdulkareem

Nigeria, MSc Management in Health and Social Care

“For Brookes, it’s a reputable institution where there are a lot of things to gain here. The way they treat international students, that’s one thing that caught my eye, it's somewhere I can stay and feel at home”

When you were considering your options for university, what made you decide on the UK and Oxford Brookes specifically?

I chose the UK because of the reputation, people were saying the UK universities are the best. Also because of the culture here, it’s welcoming and has a diversity of cultures. The way people interact, actually I have a sister here so she told me about the places. She told me about the UK and how things are going, how everyone is friendly and it’s like a second home. For Brookes, it’s a reputable institution where there are a lot of things to gain here. The way they treat international students, that’s one thing that caught my eye, it's somewhere I can stay and feel at home. Also my course, I was searching for some courses, and I saw that in Oxford Brookes it sits well with my passion.

Which resources did you use when researching Oxford Brookes?

I used Google and the school website. I checked reviews from past students and those studying at the moment, I also checked Youtube. I was able to see the way the school is, the environment, and the resources available.

What were your reasons for choosing your course?

I’m always passionate about health, because I did Biology in my undergrad, I thought I would move to the next level, that’s why I picked this managerial aspect. Because of the challenges faced in the health and social care system, we need to have people who will deeply think about how things can go smoothly. The different modules have really opened my eyes to how things can be solved and how to go about it.

What do you enjoy most about the course?

I would say the teaching and the resources we’re given because even after the module leader puts us through, they will do a seminar for us where the students are able to speak their mind and interact. Also, the fact there is not always a right answer to some questions. It’s really eye opening for me. Brookes is more student centred, students are appreciated.

How did you find settling in?

The community I find myself in is welcoming, especially for international students. Also the support I get from the school - when I got here, coming into a new system, a new country, you will experience anxiety so I was able to speak to my module leader and they referred me to the student support so I was able to get the necessary support that I needed. Also I was able to join the societies and the community in the school so I was able to settle in and make new friends.

How do you find Oxford as a place to live?

It’s welcoming, I actually stay in Swindon. I get the bus, it’s a straight bus so it’s really easy for me. I’m doing a master’s course so I don’t need to come to the school everyday. I’ve been able to explore, there are a lot of historical places here - the museum, the Ashmolean, I’ve been there, the park, the water view. I’ve tried to explore and people are friendly. Also the transport system is very easy and the student discount is given on the bus.

What are your highlights of the student life at Oxford Brookes?

I would say it is interesting. Some of the memories here, the experiences here are something that will continue to linger in my memories. Some of the best memories I have are in Oxford Brookes. The way people are friendly, the interaction between students, between the module leaders. They care about us - not only what we do, they care about us, they mentor us. They are welcoming especially for international students.

Do you have any advice for future international students?

During the induction, they should introduce themselves to a community or society so it would really help you to blend into the society. You will really go a long way. 

Do you have plans once you‘ve graduated?

I’m still on research but I’d love to go into the managerial part. I’ve checked for the NHS graduate scheme where they train us more on the managerial aspect of health and social care. After my MSc of course I will take the graduate route visa. I’d like to stay in the UK, it’s really nice