Alberto Nania

Digital Marketing

I started a marketing agency with my brother. And I wanted to expand my skills

I'm from Italy. My brother was already in Oxford. And I went with him on an open day. I heard that in 2023 there will be a new course, Digital marketing. And when I heard that I actually had the opportunity to go to Oxford Brookes, I thought this is a good university. My brother told me that all the professors are well prepared and interesting to talk with. 

I enjoyed a module where……

We created a strategic marketing plan, working on the creative part as well, advertising in a brochure. The graphic part, plus having the idea of creating an appealing advert, was what made me love it more.

They're very prepared to talk with students

I meet with professors, I ask them how I can improve this, this line of the essay or improve the marketing plan. My academic advisor is very prepared and good with helping me progress my work. Also I talk freely with them about our marketing agency.

Join a society or take up a sport

I would put university next to sport because it's okay to be good at university. But if you don't sometimes think about something else for 2 hours, I know it might be obvious, but activities away from your studies, help you think about something else and not focus everything on university. Also focus on your time management, organise yourself, because the onus is on you as a student.

After graduating …..

I might go and work for a company or someone and progress my skills in digital marketing. My long term objective is to increase the size of our marketing agency and open a branch in the UK, and then open branches in Europe.