Ambra Garofolo

International Business and Intercultural Communication, 2016

“Being an international student studying abroad is not only a great opportunity to get to know another culture and acquire better language skills, it broadens your perspectives about life in general.”

Ambra recommends the MA International Business, Culture and Languages course you want to work in a multicultural business environment.

Before moving to Oxford I graduated from La Sapienza University in Rome with a degree in Languages and Translation. I chose to study the MA International Business, Culture and Languages at Oxford Brookes University because I wanted to improve my business knowledge and language skills – luckily I was able to study while I was working full time.

I found all the teaching staff on the MA course very knowledgeable and helpful, which certainly contributed to my interest in the subject. The course leader in particular was extremely supportive, and I really believe that it is important to have such a helpful person coordinate the course!

I was fortunate to get a work placement in Oxford as an account executive. This showed me how important it is to supplement learning with practical experience and I definitely believe that it is crucial for a student to have work experience which links academic study to ‘real-world’ employment. Working and studying at the same time emphasises the importance of workplace learning in becoming an independent learner, enhancing skills and improving confidence.

The course has helped me to develop skills and knowledge that can be applied to my job. Objective analysis, external analysis of the business environment, knowledge of business structure, and business culture are definitely important – but in particular I have learnt the importance of cultural differences in the workplace, and how to approach these differences. The business insight that I have gained on placement will be of great value to me in my future career; it is already helping in my present job, who have been hugely supportive of my MA studies and gave me a big project as a research proposal, which will also help my CV.

I thoroughly enjoyed studying at Oxford Brookes University – and I can definitely say that in choosing to take the MA in International Business, Culture and Languages I’ve made the right choice for my future life and career.

This course has since been renamed to MA International Business and Intercultural Communication.