Andrada Tomoni

Further details

From the very first day, we were told: ‘to us, you are not students; you are professionals in the making’. Having that motivation from experts in the field has always made me put my best effort into my work. I was given plenty of support, there is no such thing as a silly question or a lecturer who is too busy should you need them.

The course, whilst challenging, is incredibly interesting. I love how passionate the lecturers are, often including their own research in their lecture slides and inspiring us to do our own reading and think on our feet. Textbooks are often available as eBooks, and the librarians are incredibly helpful with course-specific reading recommendations.

My favourite module thus far is Molecular Biology and Genetics, where we got to clone our own DNA plasmid and then write a lab report about the whole process. The practical sessions have really helped me put lesson content into perspective.

In the future, I would like to pursue a clinical scientist career, working for the NHS, but I would not rule out the possibility of doing a PhD. I cannot recommend studying Biomedical Science at Brookes enough; it is truly an enriching experience.