Becky Lear

Oxford Brookes appealed to me because of its reputation – it’s highly regarded and frequently ranks as the best modern university. After attending an Oxford Brookes Open Day I found that the welcoming lecturers, friendly students and excellent facilities exceeded all expectations and I instinctively knew that this was the university for me!

The course’s modules are diverse and the small number of students on the course means your contact time with lecturers is maximised. My academic advisor in particular has been invaluable. In addition, the Functional Food Centre at Brookes does lots of nutritional research and they offer students the opportunity to take part in research studies, which is a great way to put theory into practice!

On placement I’ve gone out to the John Radcliffe Hospital. Working with a dietician and helping with feeding the elderly has been a great opportunity to witness how nutritional needs are met in a clinical setting.

After completing this course, I plan either to complete a postgraduate degree in dietetics, or do a graduate scheme with a supermarket. There are so many opportunities with nutrition, so I will see where it takes me!