Ben Guy

Further details

Before studying my MSc in Computer Vision, I also completed a BSc Computer Science at Oxford Brookes. I chose Oxford Brookes because of its' good reputation, the course content and the very knowledgeable lecturers. It was a very interesting course, provided lots of opportunities for the future, including computer science, computer vision, machine learning, robotics etc.Honestly, I always wanted to carry on education and complete an MSc course, but without the bursary I would probably not have been able to afford to do so at all. Therefore the bursary really was a great help for me, especially as I was in the first year of students that had to pay the tripled fees for an undergraduate course.

Knowledgeable and helpful staff, good course material and a sense of community has been the best bits of studying here. My advice, make sure you choose an MSc course that you find interesting, it will help both your academic achievement and job finding in the future. Eventually I would like to complete a PhD in a Computer Science based subject – probably on machine intelligence or augmented reality. At the moment though I am working for an aerospace company, on a proof of concept machine vision project.