Bob Beeton

Further details

My time at Brookes gave me a good grounding in the wide and diverse world of working within music technology and the media industry as a whole. I think it’s quite important to have a wider appreciation of all aspects of working within media, as your aspirations and chosen career path may change as you progress - one can always have ones eyes opened to something new. In addition to the academic side, I personally found getting involved with societies and events gave me some great experiences and allowed me to practice and hone my technical skills. I was lucky enough to be employed by the BBC after leaving Brookes - there were over 1000 people who applied for 10 positions. I wouldn’t have succeeded in getting one of those positions if I didn’t have Brookes Radio and a few other relevant societies on my CV.

After spending a few years at the BBC working in live television, I decided to move to Solid State Logic - manufacturers of high-end mixing consoles and recording studio hardware. I get to travel the world commissioning and working on systems in broadcasting, recording studios, theatres and live venues, as well as training operators and engineers on the systems.

My advice to students coming to Brookes - learn as much as you can, ask as many questions as you can, get involved with as many things as you can and take advantage of the facilities available to you. There are lots of good people around you, staff and students. Make the most of it.