Bozkurt Cendey

Thesis title: Phenomenological research on user experiences of AI coaching

Supervisor(s): Professor Tatiana Bachkirova, Dr Ioanna Iordanou

Research topic

My aim in conducting this research is to understand the impact of AI coaching platforms and applications on users. There are structural differences between AI coaching and human coaching. Still, there is yet to be a complete assessment of how this technology is perceived and how users and its effectiveness experience it. In this context, I aim to better understand the role of AI coaching today by focusing on participants' perceptions of AI coaching, effectiveness evaluations, comparisons with human coaching, and frequency of use of these platforms. Furthermore, this study aims to illuminate attitudes and expectations towards developments in AI coaching.

This study will contribute to the perception and acceptance of AI coaching, the effectiveness of AI coaching, the comparison between AI coaching and human coaching, user experience and expectations, society's perspective on AI coaching, and these potential contributions will enrich the existing literature on AI coaching and shed light on the future development of this technology.

Academic school / department

Oxford Brookes Business School

Further details

I specialize in leadership coaching, team coaching and mental health coaching. With over 35 years of managerial experience in the corporate sector, I hold master's degrees in Clinical Psychology and Business Administration. I have received training from prominent coaching institutions such as Adler, Erickson and ORSC.

Additionally, I am interested in music and am involved in composing, arranging and creating film scores.