Cathinka Rokeberg

Further details

I went to visit Oxford before I applied to Brookes. I fell in love with the history and the beautiful old buildings. Oxford is a very nice town with a city centre that isn’t too big, which is perfect for new students. The city centre offers everything you could wish for, with several beautiful museums, shops, and restaurants. 

The social life at Brookes is unbelievable. There is always something social going on. I joined the Psychology Society and Tennis Society and loved how engaged they were.  I couldn’t be happier with my social life at Brookes. As I am from Norway, there is a Norwegian Society called ANSA. It is really nice to have a Norwegian network.

There is always support on offer at Brookes, from academic, to career paths, to personal and emotional stuff. I have received a lot of great support from Brookes and don’t know what I would have done without them.

My plan after completing my psychology degree is to get an internship in the company I want to work in and then complete a master's in Human Resources. I want to work in one of the biggest problem solving companies, and the psychology course makes me an attractive candidate for this. 

I would truly recommend my course to others. Psychology is very interesting and there are so many career paths to follow. You learn a lot about yourself and others, and the degree looks really good for all sorts of employers.