Chahd Sahli

MSc Human Resource Management

The good reputation of the university
This was the main thing that led me to choose Brookes. And one of the other main things that led me to choose Brookes was the CIPD accreditation, which is one of the most important things for any HR professional to have after graduation. Most of the students are grateful to have this advantage because it shows you have the degree, but you also have the accreditation from this association.

The modules are very interesting
You learn a lot from the course and you learn from the professor's professional experience. A module that I'm really interested in is the HR in practice module. The module is not only theoretical, it's more practical and it's one of the modules where I gained many insights from a CIPD event that I attended as part of the module. Since then I’ve received invitations to more events and this helps me to network with industry people. The best thing about this program is that you're not only getting the theoretical part of the modules, but you're also getting modules that are related to HR and this helps you apply what you're learning to the real world. 

The tutors are so supportive                                                                                                                                                Chahd-Sahli-on-campusI just had a meeting with one of my professors, my advisor, and they've been really supportive. I didn't get that in my previous academic degree. So this is a good advantage. The professors are approachable and helpful.Reach out to them because the door is always open.This helps you reflect about your learning, which is a key part of your development, the tutors give you the space to progress your learning.

I want to build up on that
That's my general aim and I'm working on that. I'm trying to go to different HR events in London, to meet different professionals. I’m getting out there to go and speak to people, rather than sending my CV. You are a member of CIPD, and this helps you to register for events with free access. You can either go to specific HR events, and there are a lot of events which are not too far from Oxford. On the course the support is there, the possibilities are there and the networking opportunities are there.