Christina Nguyen

MSc Marketing and Brand Management

I chose this course because 
It was a subject that could widen my professional scope. After working for almost 7 years in packaging prepress, I wanted to choose a postgraduate programme that helps me progress into new industries. At the same time, I did not want to spend many more years studying after I already entered the workforce; I liked that Oxford Brookes offered one year programmes and I seized the opportunity to study abroad.

I loved that most classes would have us developing marketing plans progressing week by week
For instance, one assignment was moving a brand into a new market; in week one the lecture would teach us how to select a market, while the next lecture explained how to enter a market, and so on and so forth. The classes and reading walked us through the process, we could develop and exchange our ideas with our peers during seminars along the way. Although it sounds really practical, I actually learned much more how to use data and academic resources to justify my creative ideas.

I was not used to tutors having regular office hours 
I really appreciated the support the tutors provided. They dedicated a lot of time to have meaningful discussions about our assignments as well as our career development.

I’m mostly using my research skills at my current job at Amazon
The e-commerce world is changing every second and my role as a Brand Specialist requires me to frequently dive deep into new, unfamiliar topics. This is super exciting but also requires me to find the needed information fast and efficiently. I also remember how Bjoern Asmussen told me about an alumni still using the Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action model (AIDA) in their current job. I laughed at that time, but thinking about it now, I do, too, even though I don't put the name to it.