Christos Floros


There's no better place in the world to study than Oxford

The city is so beautiful. It's so vibrant and full of students. You've got this seemingly endless source of opportunities. Whatever you want to do in Oxford, you can. So, it seemed like a great choice for me.

Oxford Brookes has been the foundation of any success that I've had so far

The BA Architecture course teaches you to work very, very hard. It teaches you to go beyond your limits. You always get to work with students that are more senior to you and you get to learn a lot from that. Our teachers were incredibly diverse, all of them had very interesting careers. They are there to make you better or give you the opportunity to get yourself to be better.

The Architecture course pushes you to achieve and really opens doors for the future

It also teaches you to be in the moment because when you are working in an architecture studio at Oxford Brookes, nothing else matters in a way. There is no future until you're done with that project, it becomes the single most important thing in your life. It’s absolutely all encompassing, but in a positive way. It was an incredible course.

Just enjoy it. Enjoy the time

Take it easy and enjoy the course. You're there to learn, not to prove that you already know the things you're learning. It shaped my entire life. I arrived at Oxford Brookes as a 17 year old kid, and it set the path. I met my best friends. Some of the people that support me today are some of the people that I met then.

My main focus today is politics

I'm running to become a member of the European Parliament. I'm dedicating most of my time to public service, and that means I'm working to ensure that the opportunities I had growing up are opportunities that others have after me.