Clair Kilham

Psychology graduate

“I love studying Psychology here and everyone I’ve talked to says the same”

The teaching team are very supportive. They’re always willing to talk to you after lectures and there’s plenty of opportunities to clarify any unclear points, catch up on missed work, or get feedback on essay plans.

Academic advisors will do their best to help you with academic matters and career planning. My academic advisor even offered to put me in touch with a personal contact in the field I plan to get a job in.

The library is great and the staff are very helpful with locating resources, using software and lending a hand if you’re stuck trying to find or access journal articles. Brookes Virtual is also very useful. It compiles almost all of the information you could ever need into an easily accessible format and makes it clear where to find anything else you might need to know.

After completing my course I plan to seek employment, before hopefully returning to Brookes to undertake a master’s degree.