Daisy Routley

LLB Law, 2015

“The course helped me because the assessments were very practical in the sense that they were focused on advising clients – which is great practice for being in the role of a lawyer. ”

Daisy Routley recently completed her LLB at Oxford Brookes and is now a trainee solicitor at BT.

I studied Economics, Psychology and Geography at A-level but I had always been interested in a career in law as it is at the core of our society. I also never liked to accept things at face value and would always question things – something that has definitely got me into trouble in the past – but this is actually exactly what a solicitor does! I therefore felt this course would be something that would suit me and could open up a lot of doors in the future.

I was attracted to the LLB at Brookes because many of the lecturers have practised law before, so understand not just the academic side of the subject but also the employability skills required to build a successful career. Brookes has a wide selection of electives to choose from which allows students to tailor their degree to meet their interests. I particularly liked the wide range of assessment options – there is something to suit everyone, from written exams and assignments to oral assessments.

I really enjoyed my modules and loved how the interactive seminars consolidated what I had learnt in lectures. I also liked the numerous extra-curricular opportunities available to the law students such as pro bono work, career talks, law fairs, guest speakers, client interviewing and mooting competitions. I actually led a pro bono project which involved a group of law students visiting a local prison and advising inmates on education and employment opportunities as part of their preparation for release. This is something which I still assist with today and it was a great opportunity to give back to the community whilst enhancing crucial employment skills like leadership, communication and team work. I would strongly urge new and current students to get involved with similar opportunities as soon as possible because not only does it look good on your CV, it is actually really fun and interesting whilst building up your confidence in law.

Each year it is becoming more and more difficult to get those all-important training contracts and pupilages, something that Brookes appreciates and helps with as much as possible! I developed my analytical skills and confidence to present my findings in small seminar classes or exam papers which meant that I was able to stand out in my interview. In particular, I knew to take my time in assessments to see the bigger picture – or even an alternative way around the problem. This is definitely what employers want – showing creativity and attention to detail instead of taking the easy option which can be less beneficial in the long term! Employers need to know that you have the courage to stand by your decisions or speak up if you think of a different idea, and Brookes has helped me learn to speak confidently. The lecturers also encourage you to undertake wider reading and keep informed with news affairs in order to promote commercial awareness, something that all employers are looking for! For example, in my job I have to provide both legal and commercial advice, something that I had to demonstrate a full awareness of in my application.

I am currently a trainee solicitor at BT where I am completing a three year training contract. This involves working during the week for BT and then studying for my LPC part time every other weekend – this is unique compared to other training contracts! My first seat is a year in the Commercial Legal Team. I will then spend six months in Competition and a further six months in Commercial Litigation before using my third year to decide which area I would like to qualify in by choosing two additional seats. I have only been at BT for a short time but I have already been given a lot of responsibility and exposure to current projects in my team, something which in turn creates great career opportunities.

I can honestly say that without my LLB I would not have been able to apply for a training contract or a place on the LPC in the first place. The course helped me because the assessments were very practical in the sense that they were focused on advising clients – which is great practice for being in the role of a lawyer. Learning how to think in this way from the start of my degree has allowed me to fully develop this skill and use it in my job today.