Danai Petropoulou

Greece, MSc Applied Human Nutrition

“I like it here, I see how they care about the environment. I really like it in general. I'm happy when I come here. I have a good feeling”

When you were considering universities, what made you choose the UK and Oxford Brookes?

In the nutrition field, the UK is more advanced than other countries. Compared to my country maybe, although I have a good degree. I chose Oxford because of the prestige that the university has, the student life, the modules, the place. Of all my other applications - it was in my top 3, or maybe top 1!

What attracted you to your course?

I’m already a dietitian and nutritionist in my country. So, I chose it not to become a dietitian because I’m already a dietitian, but I could possibly work here as well. But, I did it for further education I believe and because I wanted to do a master’s abroad to gain more experiences. I thought that doing a master’s in my own country wouldn’t give me much more knowledge than I already had.

Will you plan to stay in the UK long term?

My first plan was to go back to my country but I don’t exclude all possibilities of staying.

What do you like most about Oxford Brookes?

I like the campus for sure. As I said, the academics here are more advanced and it’s true about the facilities as well. I like that Oxford Brookes has many laboratories that are suitable for my field. We also have some labs during the semester. I like that it is a green university, which is also good. I like it here, I see how they care about the environment. I really like it in general. I'm happy when I come here. I have a good feeling.

Have you joined any clubs or societies?

Yes, we have a Greek society here.

Do you have a favourite place in Oxford or a highlight?

I like Oxford in general, the place. I like the historic background, the nature, the rivers, the hills, I love it! The shops are ok but compared to Athens, it’s like a village to me. But I like the calmness here. 

Are you living in university or private accommodation?

In a private one. An agency helped me. I chose that because I liked the room. It’s in Cowley.

Do you have any advice for students when finding accommodation?

Yes, I would advise them to choose one that they like first of all. That is near to the university and the city centre. The budget is important, plays an important role. To be situated in the centre.

Do you have any general advice for international students who are coming to Brookes?

To start applying as soon as possible. If they apply as soon as possible I believe they will be more relaxed when coming here.

When you’ve graduated, do you have any plans or anything you’d ultimately like to become?

I’m already a dietitian so this master’s doesn’t make me a dietitian but I’m accredited to a society for nutrition here in the UK that is official for nutritionists, so I could work here as well as a dietitian and nutritionist. But I believe that the most important thing after finishing the master’s is to become better at my work, to gain more experiences - that’s why I came and to broaden my horizons.