Deepshika Sririam


I chose Law because because of the different skills

I would gain from studying Law compared to other courses. It is a degree that carries a lot of weight, and the transferable skills that I'm able to use from my course and to develop after my degree was a big selling point for me. I chose Brookes because I spoke to current students at the time, before I applied, about the course and specifically about the lecturers, because for me, having good lecturers will help me gain the best marks. And I only had the most amazing reviews from each student about how amazing and helpful the lecturers were.

Making friends was probably what I thought was going to be the hardest.

But when I first came to uni, everyone was very welcoming. Everyone was in the same position as I am. So I think that helped me ease my nerves and my classmates have been really kind actually. We're always relying on each other, whether it's for group work or a piece of reading. We even have a group chat that helps us all keep in touch and up-to-date. Everyone sees University as the chance to really mature, so there's no high school drama per say, which is good.

Obviously they're my professors, but they're also my friends

because it's not always about your assignments and your academic stuff. They also always ask questions without an ‘academic’ approach. I think that really helps because we're obviously novice students, so talking to them and them taking the time is a massive thing. You also need to take the initiative and bond with those that are teaching you. It’s simple. Academics give references, and the more they know you, the more they can personalise a reference, which helps on your CV, your job applications, and cover letter.

The academic support is so valuable when deadlines are coming up                                                                            

Even if it’s just 15 minutes to talk through a challenging phrase used in an assignment, it can be so helpful. They can really effectively break down a question and show us how and where to look, but still encourage us to come to our own conclusions. My academic advisor has been really helpful too. He makes everything super laid out. As a person who stresses all the time, I think that really helps. The results I’ve got to date would not have been possible without their support.