Delania Marvella Marundrury

Indonesia, Pre-Master's followed by MSc Digital Marketing

“I think that this course has really helped me, giving me a introduction to what is expected of me from my future course. I feel really prepared for what’s going to come up next, and it helped me explore more of my academic side.”

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

I wanted to study in the UK because I know that education here is great. I’ve also heard that it has some of the fastest masters programmes. Especially compared to my country where it takes 4 years to get a masters. Also when I did my undergrad my teachers were always telling me that marketing in the UK has always been one of the fastest paced and advanced places for marketing.  

Why did you choose Oxford Brookes?

I chose Oxford Brookes because firstly, it’s in Oxford, a place I really wanted to study in because I really love the city.  I visited here once when I was a child and I really enjoyed my time.  And secondly, I picked Brookes because it seemed like the most suitable choice for me because it’s very modern and progressive.

What made you choose a Pre-Master's course?

I actually applied for a masters course but then was told that I should go for the Pre-Master's first before going for masters. I didn’t mind because I knew that I wanted to have stronger academic skills before I did my masters. I’ve been enjoying my time so far in it, I’m learning new skills and am sharpening the ones that I do have. So it’s been really useful. I’ve enjoyed my time here especially compared to other countries where I’ve studied as this course has the most diverse ensemble.  

How different is the teaching style here to what you’ve experienced elsewhere?  

I’ve studied in Indonesia, Singapore and Australia, and I actually liked the teaching style here the most. I’m really grateful that it is so interactive, making me feel that I’m not just learning but that my teachers are also willing to learn from the students, which is really refreshing. This definitely opens up the communication channel more, so I’m more likely to ask questions when I need help instead of just bottling up my questions and Googling it by myself back home. I also think that this helps to emphasise critical thinking more especially compared to other places.  

Which of the University’s facilities have you found the most useful?

The library. I’ve been to a lot of libraries but this is the best library I have seen so far, it’s definitely the biggest one. The first time I came here I saw the building and I thought oh maybe that’s just offices and all that, but then I went for the campus tour, and he said ‘This is the library’, and I was like ‘All of it?’ and he replied ‘Yes all of it’. ISAT helped me with my visa because there was a mix up which they helped me sort that out.  I also used their counselling service which was really helpful, especially when you’re all alone in a foreign country.

What tips would you give to international students coming to Oxford Brookes?  

I was one of those students who used to think orientation was not really necessary, but I found the orientation here really helpful.  So my suggestion would be to not skip it.  Attend it and try to make friends whilst out of your comfort zone. I’ve made so many friends here from not just from the UK but from across the globe, which has been really wonderful because an opportunity like this comes up so rarely.