Emily Board

International Relations, 2022

“I have really enjoyed challenging ideas and finding that there are so many people who agree with me”

The best thing about International Relations is subverting the norms and really challenging mainstream thinking.

‘For a long time I was blind to challenging things’

The biggest step up in the MA has been the critical thinking and range of reading and that’s been really enjoyable. The lecturers challenge you on that and encourage you to be really critical of topics. If you ask for help, they will have lots of book recommendations and things for you to read and encourage you to take your thinking one step further.

‘I never feel patronised’

The tutors want the best for their students. They really love their subjects, and that passion really comes through. They always make themselves available if you need them. You never feel like it’s an imposition if you need to speak to them.

‘Time and skills to think about my future’

Being on the MA has made me critically think about what I actually want from an organisation I work for. In five years' time I’d like to be doing a PhD in International Relations, but I want to take a break from study and do some volunteering and travelling.