Emily Farley

Biological Sciences

Quite a few people I knew from school

Had been to Brookes and had said how good their experience was, not just on the quality of the course, but the university as well. I really liked the module choice and the range of societies. So that's what made me apply, especially as I was a late application.

I have really enjoyed the course

As a whole, I've really enjoyed the majority of my modules. My final few ones have definitely been the most interesting. I've really enjoyed professional skills and techniques. Where we've had professional speakers come in and they've been really interesting to listen to and get advice from, so you’re starting to build a network.

I did two or three weeks of lab work                                                                                                              

emily-on-campusFor my dissertation which was pretty intensive, I really enjoyed it! Throughout my degree, we've done quite a lot of   practical work and even in both my dissertation, third-year and some second-year modules, we were able to use the confocal microscopes, which are pretty hard to come by.

My academic advisor is a plant scientist

probably been the highlight of my time at uni. She's been fantastic and showed me opportunities that gave me direction. I'm trying to get onto a PhD program and follow the typical research route. And that’s why it makes it so helpful because that's the route most of the academics have taken, 
and they are happy to support my aims.

I really like the location of the campus because you get the best of Oxford. And are near South Park and the campus  backs onto Cheney Park, there is a variety of stuff you can do close by.