Emma Duncalf

Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management

They treat us like adults

because we're a slightly smaller cohort, they know us all personally. whether they're teaching you or not, they're all very approachable and easy to get hold of. I think things are a bit more intimate in the way of approaching our tutors and stuff like that. A lot of the teaching staff overlap throughout the years and you see familiar faces throughout, which is really nice.

The course doesn’t isolate your avenue for progression

Module wise the course is great because you get to do a mix of things because it's Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Building Surveying all together for like the first year or two. So that's quite nice to be able to learn about so many different things. I really benefited from my Law modules, that's helped because I did a lot of contracts last year (on placement) and I found that I really enjoyed that.

I knew I wanted to do a placement.                                                                                                                                      

QuantitySurveying student on campus at Oxford Brookes UniversityI think a lot of people on construction courses have links within the industry whereas I don't really, so  that was one of my main concerns. I knew the support that I'd get at Brookes, as the placement is compulsory, would be a lot better. I really enjoyed my placement year, and the support we got beforehand to actually get there was really good. After I graduate, I'm actually going back to the company that I did my placement with. And they've really nicely sponsored me through my final year.

Don't just pick a placement because it's easy,                                                                                                               

push yourself and go for big companies that have good reputations, because they will look after you and it makes it so much easier. So my advice would be don't just go somewhere because you think it's just an inconsequential year on its own. Look to your future, as it could secure a job before your final year, which means you have less to worry about once you’ve graduated. My life is kind of set up for me for the next year, which is exciting. I'm going back there and, hopefully, will get my Chartership!