Fawn Ostrer

Applied Languages, 2019

“I wanted a fun university experience, so I came to Oxford Brookes. I’ve had a great time on my course”

I had a bad time studying in America, and dropped out. I went on the Oxford Brookes website, and saw that they have a 97% student satisfaction rate. That’s why I came, and I don’t regret it & I really have had fun.

‘Great academic access’

There’s great access to journals and PDFs at Oxford Brookes, which really helps with studying. We have access to things like Google Scholar, because the university’s bought it. It’s really useful.

I love Spanish, as it’s the main language I’m studying. On my course, you choose a pathway subject as well. I chose to do Business, and it’s now one of my favourite things to do.

‘The best thing I’ve ever done’

In my third year, I worked for a music festival company in Barcelona. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I got to create the themes for festivals and stage sets. I learned a lot, and I’m so glad I did it.

In Oxford, you’re always surrounded by students, which is really fun! There’s so much entertainment: clubs, bars & whatever you want to do. I like that there’s a big community at Oxford Brookes. I’m always bumping into people I know.