Georgia Walker

Geography, 2019

“The staff on my course were so helpful, and I ended up loving topics I thought I wouldn’t like. I’m now using my dissertation research to solve environmental issues”

If you’re not sure about some modules, keep an open mind ’ you could end up loving them! I thought I was a Physical Geographer, but when I came to Oxford Brookes, I really enjoyed Human Geography.

‘My research is helping fight climate change’

I found the staff at Oxford Brookes so helpful. My dissertation supervisor was great, really approachable and supportive with projects.

My research is helping my hometown to cut plastic waste and fight climate change. I’m presenting my research to the town council soon, as well as getting my dissertation published.

The library at Oxford Brookes has been great. I don’t live on campus, but the online resources are so helpful. If you need anything at all, you can get in contact with a librarian in minutes. I needed some software for my dissertation that I wasn’t sure I could get, and they helped me download it immediately.

‘A beautiful island field trip’

On my course, we went to Malta on a research trip, which was great. We got to explore the main island of I was a bit nervous, but the trip was a really good chance to get to know everyone on my course. We did a salt weathering project, where we had to go from one side of the island to the other. It was beautiful.