Georgie Eyre

Geography, 2020

“The Geography lecturers want the best for you. It’s been lovely to have their encouragement and their ideas”

My dissertation is looking at options to make weddings more sustainable. I’m working alongside the Earth Trust, an Oxfordshire environmental charity which also hosts sustainable weddings.

I’m focusing on sustainable catering for weddings. I’ve interviewed caterers about what they do, and I promote sustainability to them — from things like sourcing food locally to bigger steps like using renewable energy suppliers.

‘My dissertation links my two passions’

My ideas about sustainability don’t just apply to weddings, but to any catering company at any event. I’ve always had a passion for food and entertaining, and I want to work in events after I graduate. So my dissertation links my two passions.

The Geography department at Oxford Brookes has been really good. I’ve enjoyed things like our field trip to Malta — it was a really good way of getting to know my course mates and lecturers. And my dissertation leader has been great — she’s so helpful. I can go and see her whenever I want, and she’s always really positive.