Grace Cooper

Applied Languages, 2019

“My course was exactly what I was looking for. It gave me everything I needed for my year abroad, and for the future”

I wanted to study a language, and another subject, so my course was perfect. Our tutors actually worked together to design the course, after listening to what students needed.

‘Support for students is exceptional’

I can come to my module leaders with any questions, and they’ll be there for me. There’s this mindset of the lecturers and everyone at Oxford Brookes. They’ll never let a student go without feeling somewhat better.

I was able to use the counselling services at Oxford Brookes when I was struggling a bit on my year abroad. I was thinking, “Thank God I have this!”. They got me right back on track. I think the campus is absolutely beautiful at Oxford Brookes. I love modern buildings that are student-focused, and it’s always easy to work there.

‘I’ve got contacts that will sort me for life’

I worked on projects for Netflix and the BBC on my year abroad. I was working on a series called “This is Football” about Lionel Messi’s life story. I even met the Argentine president, because they’re good friends. It was so awesome, and I’ve got contacts that will sort me for life. I’ve just applied to be a production assistant in Madrid & fingers crossed!