Graziely Souza

LLM International Law

“Brookes is a great university. From the structure of the course to the support given by the lectures, learning here is a pleasant process”

After graduating in law in Brazil, Graziely moved into England and, after learning the language, applied for an LLM in International Trade and Commercial Law.

International Trade and Commercial Law has always been my greatest interest. I am also passionate about travelling and learning new languages, so I could not imagine a career that would provide me with more opportunities to work within a multi-cultural environment, especially in the contemporary world.

Brookes is a great university. From the structure of the course to the support given by the lectures, learning here is a pleasant process.

So far the subject I am most interested in is International Commercial Arbitration; that has given me the opportunity to deepen my understanding in matters related to treaties involving foreign investments and analyze the role of international arbitration in the process of economic globalization.

The LLM provides me with the expertise to deal in more detail with the demands of the globalized economy, something that an undergraduate degree alone would not be able to provide. Combining the challenges brought up in the lectures with research and critical analyses during the seminars, gives the background necessary to compete in the market.

The LLM in International Trade and Commercial Law will lead me to develop a career within a multinational company dealing with import and export of goods, services and logistics.

Since the beginning of the application process to the LLM I have found the staff of Oxford Brookes very helpful. Every e-mail or call I made to the University was always responded to, and the answers to my concerns given in a very special way.

I will never forget making a call to the university and asking a lady called Jenny from the post graduate program some details about the course and if it would be worth doing it. To my great surprise she booked an appointment and received me in her office for a one hour conversation that was extremely important for my decision. She carefully explained how the university works and how interesting the LLM is. So, a big thank you to you Jenny for being so engaged in what you do!

Oxford is a lively and multicultural city that has lots to offer. Its charming architecture, the parks and the night life as well as the pubs, makes it a great city to experience.

I would certainly recommend those who have the possibility to study abroad to actually take advantage of it. This is, for sure, an immeasurable experience that widens the views of professional and daily life, brings confidence and gives an asset to any professional.