Hannah Buttimore

Further details

I chose Oxford Brookes as my insurance choice because, after visiting on the Applicant Day, I really liked the facilities that are offered to students and the modern feel of the university. The students spoke highly of their experiences here and I wanted to be a part of it.

I studied psychology A level and this made me realise I wanted to continue it in higher education, and the psychology course at Oxford Brookes offered everything I wanted to study. It covers all the basics as well as more advanced, thought-provoking areas of psychology which are highly interesting and let you see new perspectives and ideas. 

I enjoy learning about new theories and ideas of things I have never heard of before; they offer a new insight into the way we think and behave. I also really enjoyed conducting my own experiment during second year, as well as producing a questionnaire and doing interviews, as it gave me the feeling of being a real researcher and I liked analysing my own data. 

The Psychology department has many facilities which are useful and interesting, such as eye-tracking and EEG equipment. In the wider university there are lots of facilities to benefit every student, which is definitely important. For example, there is a 24-hour library, international student support, lots of career support and advice and a team called ‘Upgrade’ who read your work and offer ways to improve it. There are also a countless number of societies that every student can feel a part of.

The social life is fantastic, everybody is friendly and welcoming especially when you first arrive during Fresher’s week. I have made incredible friends and there are many opportunities to socialise, such as at society socials, the Brookes nights at clubs and during Fresher’s events around the university. There is something for everyone. 

I found it very easy to make friends because I was placed in halls with great people, and also the people on my course are very friendly. I think if this wasn’t the case for someone else, then the societies at Brookes are definitely a good option for making friends and meeting people with similar interests.

I like the beautiful, historic buildings around the city because it’s very different to what I’m used to at home, and also the transport services in Oxford are amazing. There are so many restaurants and shops as well as quirky places that are unique to Oxford, and there are lots of opportunities for students to work. I also like how it’s not too big of a city but still has the buzz and character of one.