Hannah Richards

History, 2020

“I love how History at Oxford Brookes takes you out of the lecture theatre. I’ve touched artefacts from 1642. It’s amazing!”

History has great transferable skills. I’ve learned so much about communicating and current affairs. I want to be an army officer, and my degree’s getting me where I need to be.

‘The lecturer was so inspiring. I could have listened for hours’

The library is amazing, here & I live in it. Oxford Brookes has Moodle, and library sources, so I get all my books there. If someone’s using a book I need, I can just go online and get it from JSTOR.

I came to an open day and heard lecturer who was just so inspiring. I could have listened to him for hours & that’s why I chose to come to Oxford Brookes. I loved going on placement, this year. I’ve been to the Bodleian library and visited heritage property, which was so fascinating.

‘Real, independent research’

During my studies, I did research for Cogges Manor Farm, in Oxford. There was this area that they had no information on, and they just said, “right, go off and do it!”. And I just independently did the whole thing. It really helped my research skills.

My dream is to join the army. I’ve been able to do a course in soldiering skills alongside my degree, which is the best thing about Oxford Brookes. I absolutely love it.