Harry Palmer

Communication, Media and Culture, 2021

“Communication, Media and Culture really interested me as I could learn about areas like public relations and the media”

On the course you can focus on an area you’re most interested in, like marketing or journalism.

‘Focus on what interests you’

The first year modules introduce you to communications, culture and the media. You also look at the industries that influence those areas. What’s good is after your first year, you can choose to focus on one area in particular. You can look at communications through modules like Branded Communications, or you can focus on culture, or the same for media.

I did three modules on journalism. I’ve written a blog and I’ve written news and magazine articles. I’ve gained industry insight, and this has given me good experience for employment.

‘There are so many practical opportunities’

The great thing about the course is that so much of the theory you learn has a direct practical application. I’ve done some video editing and software editing, which helps with my interest in journalism. I’ve also made a film trailer. I like the creative side of media. I like brainstorming ideas and getting them down and working out which idea to go with.


The course challenged me to think more critically than I would have done. When you’re working in a group, you get really creative ideas. And then as a group you have to think critically about which idea to go with. This really challenged me to think critically, and I’ve grown to enjoy this. I feel overcoming this challenge has made me a better person.

I’ve applied for graduate jobs in social media and I feel fully equipped for my future. I feel I can go to a newspaper or a PR agency with my experience - and this gives me confidence.