Helen Callister Radcliffe

Geography, 2019

“I could just see myself at Oxford Brookes, and I really liked the feel of it. I love that on the Geography course, I can tailor my assignments to my needs”

My advice to new students would be – enjoy it. Get to know the staff, because they are really helpful and supportive, and ask any questions you need.

‘My lecturers were a real support’

I loved all my modules on physical Geography – learning about oceans and marine environments, for example. My lecturers were really supportive, and my dissertation supervisor was great. Some of the lecturers ran a mentoring scheme this year, which I was a part of. It was really nice, and they were so approachable and friendly.

‘A great chance to do research abroad’

I spent last summer in Spain, doing research on one of my lecturer’s projects. Me and another colleague won a grant to go out there and work on how altitude affects UV in plants. It was a great chance to do some in-field research, and to see how a project is actually run.

There’s always something going on at Oxford Brookes, and something you can join. I joined a lot of sports groups and societies, so I always felt like I was busy and doing something. I like that Oxford is such a student city. It feels like our city.