Hikari Hamada

Japan, Modules in English language and foreign language teaching whilst on exchange from the University of Kitakyushu

“I think compared to any other university I can learn and feel a lot about different cultures here. So if someone wants to learn about other cultures, then Oxford Brookes University is the best place.”

Why did you decide to study in the UK?  

I major in Comparative Culture, specialising in British culture and Japanese culture.  I chose this university because there are a lot of people who have different backgrounds, so I think it’s really interesting and I can learn a lot about culture in this university.  

How are the courses you are taking at Oxford Brookes?

I especially like the module, ‘Introduction to Japanese Society and Culture’, because I can learn how my culture and society are being perceived by other countries – it is interesting for me.  And also I really like studying the teacher training course in this university. I think that British education has a lot of positive things and I can learn a lot of new things, which will definitely help my future career.  So I really like and I enjoy learning them.  

How different is the teaching style here from the one you experienced back in Japan?

I think Japanese education is more focused on reading and listening.  So students don’t have opportunity to speak or give their opinion that much.  So I think it’s not a good thing, because when we go to other countries we can’t speak and communicate with other local people.  So that’s a problem in Japanese education I think. At Brookes you learn in a more interactive way.

Which facilities do you use the most at Oxford Brookes?  

I think the library is really useful, especially in Headington campus as the library is open the whole day which is useful for students I think.  

Did you join any extracurricular societies during your time at Oxford Brookes?

I joined the Cover Dance Society and Japanese Society. And yeah I really enjoy dancing in the Cover Dance Society, and this evening we have a show.