Isobel Wilkinson Rippin

History, 2020

“At Oxford Brookes, you’ll always be taught by an expert. The history department is full of lecturers willing to help”

My advice is - get to know your lecturers. They really want you to do well. And make use of the extra resources, like Upgrade, to help with essays and academic skills.

‘The teaching here is so great’

What makes the teaching here so great is that your modules are always tailored to match the lecturers’ areas of expertise. So, you’ll always be taught by someone who is extremely well-informed about the subject.

You’ll have an academic advisor, too, so definitely go and see them. It’s really good to have someone to talk to outside of your modules.

‘An unbelievable amount of choice’

There’s so much to do outside your studies at Oxford Brookes. The choice is unbelievable. There are countless societies - I’m sure there’s at least one for everyone. I’ve joined sports societies and climbing societies, and made some lovely friends.