James Hawley

History of Art, 2019

“My lecturers at Oxford Brookes put in loads of hours to help me. They’ve been enthusiastic, forthcoming and eager to help”

I didn’t study History of Art before, but my course was really accessible. My advice to new students would be – go and see some works of art first hand. It’s really beneficial.

‘Brilliant and inspiring modules’

My course has some great modules. There’s one called Oxford Buildings, where you go and visit all the Oxford colleges and these amazing buildings. It was really inspiring, and I learned a lot. And I’ve been doing a module called the History of Art Synoptic, which is brilliant.

The library at Oxford Brookes is really helpful. They have very generous loans on books, so you don’t have to rush and return them. You also get a Bodleian card in your third year, which means you can use the famous Oxford University libraries to work in. It’s an amazing resource.

‘A fantastic place to study History of Art’

Oxford is an absolutely fantastic place for History of Art. There’s all the useful architecture and the Ashmolean museum, and it’s close to London. I’m often going to London to visit galleries.

I think Oxford as a city is great. There’s so much to do – museums, galleries and restaurants, and the societies and sports team at Oxford Brookes itself.