Jessica Cansian

Pre-sessional English followed by MSc Sustainable Building - Performance and Design

“At the same time that I am improving my English skills, the Pre-sessional English course is also improving my academic skills for my master’s studies.”

My English has improved a lot and it has been very important because we are learning how to write an essay, do research for presentations and to understand the academic articles that discuss important issues that you will study in a master’s. I am very satisfied with the pre-sessional English course - because of it I have improved my English skills in all of these areas.

The lecturers are really great. The teachers have shown a great deal of dedication, passion and patience to make us to feel more confident in our studies and they are very experienced so it has been a really great experience.

We are a very close group - we became friends, not only classmates, so this is good. Because the class is very mixed by different nationalities, we can meet many students from different countries and it is possible to learn from each other, from different cultures, different experiences.

Oxford Brookes has a very great reputation in architecture and this master’s course is maybe one of the best in the world.

Oxford Brookes University it is very different from Oxford University. The landscape is so contemporary and it has a sustainable approach to the facilities. The teaching and learning structure, the design of the master’s course, all of these reasons make me feel very confident that it would be the right place to study. When I arrived here and I learned more about the JHB Building, and the concepts that the university has about environmental and sustainable issues, I decided that this is the right place to study because the university gives a very good example in the area that I really like to study.

Oxford is a very nice city to live in because it is a multicultural city with very beautiful architecture and great history behind it. Of course, Oxford is an international reference of education, not only because of Oxford University but because of Oxford Brookes. Here it is possible to know more about different cultures - if you are walking the streets you can meet different people and I think it is very easy to make friends because everyone is very helpful and kind.