Justin Morton

Thesis title: On the fundamental mechanisms of ultrasonic assisted liquid phase exfoliation of two-dimensional nanomaterials

Start year: 2019

Contact: 18096707@brookes.ac.uk

Supervisor(s): Professor Iakovos Tzanakis

Research topic

Justin Morton is a final year PhD student

He obtained a BSc degree in physics from the University of Kent and pursued a materials science MSc degree at University College London after becoming fascinated with the exceptional properties of two dimensional materials such as graphene. He received a first class grade for his thesis on liquid phase exfoliation and later joined the EcoUltra 2D project as a PhD student at Oxford Brookes University under the supervision of Iakovos Tzanakis where his research would focus on producing environmentally friendly 2D materials with the aid of ultrasonic cavitation.

Recently, he published in Materials Today with a paper entitled “New insights into sono-exfoliation mechanisms of graphite: In situ high-speed imaging studies and acoustic measurements”, focusing on the fundamentals of cavitation bubble interactions with bulk layered materials during exfoliation.